Meet the Team

Hung Vu – Founder and CEO

Vu Trong Hung founded Phongnha Discovery Tours in 2009. His venture was motivated with the primary goal of sustainable development. His company aims to further enrich both the local community by employing dozens of people born in Quang Binh province as well as diversification through incorporating foreign employees and clients into the company. Hung Vu was born in Dong Hoi. He graduated from Danang University in 2003. Hung prides himself in his bilingualism in English and Vietnamese, as well as his expanding repertoire in the french language. In the past, Hung had worked within several organisations such as: Coca Cola Da Nang (2003 – 2004), Management Board of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park (2005 – 2007), Cologne Project and Frankfurt Zoological Society Project in Phong Nha (2005 – 2006), and Fauna and Flora International (2008). Phongnha Discovery Tours is parented and managed by Viet Hung Travel and Trade Co, Ltd. The vision for his company today continues to embody the preservation of the biodiversity and heritage of Phong Nha – Ke Bang National park.

Rebecca Laporte – Marketing and Communications Manager


Rebecca obtained her bachelor’s degree in sustainable business development at Dalhousie university in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In the past, Rebecca had helped develop a Social Corporate Responsibility Action Plan for a crown corporation in Canada. She also has a background in intercultural communication. Rebecca has been featured on the QBTV Quang Binh province special broadcast. She had traveled to over 30 countries and had lived on 3 different continents before choosing to call Vietnam her home. Rebecca acts as a contact between the company and its existing and potential markets to expand the business to its full potential. She advises the team on industry best practice so as to reach the established benchmark in order to deliver an unprecedented product to our clients.  

Lai- Treasurer and Tour Operation Manager


Lai’s full name is Doan Thi Lai. Her associates often call her “Lai” in a friendly manner. She was born in Quang Binh province. She graduated from Hue university of Hospitality and Tourism where she received her bachelor’s degree in Tourism in 2008. After 4 years working as freelance tour guide, Lai decided to partner with Phongnha Discovery as a tour operator and treasurer. Although she is very busy working, she finds the time to stimulate her passion for travel. She has travelled to many places from the South to the North of Vietnam in order to quell her thirst to learn and experience from practical situations and natural surroundings. She works hard to contribute positively towards the growth the company in order to make it stronger in the future.

Donna – Sales Executive


Duyen, also known as Donna, was born in Quang Tri province. She graduated from Hue College of Foreign Languages with a bachelor degree in English. She worked for the Quang Tri Culture, Sport, and Tourism Department as a local guide in historical relics for three years. She was seeking a more expansive working environment with room for advancement to develop her career in the tour guide field. The Phongnha Discovery company took her on to do just that. She began work as a tour guide for five months until she decided to expand her family. Since then, she has worked as our sales executive. She works in a fast paced and challenging role liaising between clients and venues to secure and organise all elements of our services.

Dory-Tour Operator and Sales Executive


Dory began working as a tour operator and sales executive in 2016. Also known as Thao, Dory was born in Daklak province. She graduated from  Hong Bang University in Ho Chi Minh city with a degree in banking and finance. She had previously worked at K.T.A VIET NAM CO.,LTD  as a documentations staff for three years. When she was younger, she had lived in Quang Binh province for four years and she desired to return. Her long term goals include growing with the company where she can continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities, and contribute as much value as she can.

Thu – Accountant


Thu was born in Quang Binh province. She graduated from Quang Binh intermediate school of Economics in 2010. She worked as a trader in Vietnam Military Telecommunications Group. She then went on to study accounting in Quang Binh college and graduated in 2013. In the same year, attracted by the dynamic and young staff such as herself, she joined the Phongnha Discovery company. Her duties are to assist in preparation of financial statements for the company, review and process routine accounting data for revenue and expenditures, contact units for vendors to resolve problems and expedite payment, and respond to queries.

Victor – Senior Tour Guide


Victor, who has been working here at Phongnha Discovery since 2011, is currently the tour guide captain. Born in Phong Nha – Quang Binh, Victor has been a part of the national park community his whole life. Throughout his career here, he has been guiding various types of tours and has aided in the development of new tours. He holds a bachelor’s degree in foreign language with a focus on tourism and trading. He heard about Phongnha Discovery during his studies in university and then requested to join us for training. After consistent displays of his outstanding capabilities, Victor was then appointed as head guide. His love of history and geography drives him to keep improving his expertise in his work. Victor works hard to make sure the guide team is always on task and always promotes the personal development of each team member’s contribution to the company.

Viet – Deputy Tour Guide


Viet Le has been a tour guide here at Phongnha Discovery since 2012. He was born in Quang Ninh district, Quang Binh province in a small village and about 20km from Dong Hoi. For four years, he attended a business administration university. It wasn’t until he graduated that he had a sudden change of heart. Viet identifies as a “people person” and he thought the best way to concentrate people from all walks of life into his own daily life was to become a tour guide.  He wanted to have an office like no other, the Phong Nha Ke Bang National park. Once he was brought into the Phongnha Discovery team, he had a whirlwind of new knowledge, challenges and English improvement. Working on the team has provided him with a valuable account of life experience, support for his photography passion and professional development.

Pink – Tour Guide


Hồng, also known as Pink, has worked as a tour guide here since 2014. Born in Quang Binh province, Pink graduated from Hue University of foreign languages. Pink became interested in becoming a tour guide from a young age. This fascination arose from her desire to discover new places and meet people from diverse backgrounds. Pink has enjoyed sharing the pride of her home province with people from all over the world through Phongnha Discovery.

Hai- Tour Guide


Hai has worked at Phongnha Discovery as a tour guide since 2013. Hải’s full name is Nguyễn Minh Hải and he was born in Hoàn Lão town, Bố Trạch district, Quảng Bình province. He graduated from the department of tourism at Ha Noi university in 2013. His colleagues say that he can sometimes be a strict but glacial moving person, but when he assumes his role as tour guide he instantly becomes talkative and active. His passions lie in his interest for the topography and geology of Vietnam and he aims to share as much as he knows with guests. He became a tour guide because of the joy he has in sharing his culture with people from around the world. His goal is to put many more years under his belt at Phongnha Discovery, as it has become a second family to him.

Sunny – Tour Guide and Sales Executive

Quyen, also known as Sunny, was born in Quang Binh province. She was born in the year of the monkey and this, along with her name, is an adequate representation of her personality. She is always full of fun and energy; and always shining. She graduated in Business Administration from Hue University of Hospitality and Tourism in 2015. She is elated to be working in the province she grew up in, as her heart belongs here. She works primarily as a tour guide and everyday she has the opportunity to meet many people and share her experience of Viet Nam, Quang Binh and especially the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. It is immediately apparent to all she meets that she works hard to be her very best as someone who helps visitors explore the hidden charm of Quang Binh province and Viet Nam.

Ken – Tour Guide


Than, otherwise known as Ken, was born and raised in Quanh Binh province. Ken graduated from Quang Binh university with a degree in English in 2011. Before joining us at Phongnah Discovery, Ken worked as a Central Heritage freelance tour guide (in Quang Binh, Quảng Trị, Hue, Da Nang, and Hoi An). His skill and recognition was noticed and Ken has since been picked up by Phongnha Discovery where he has transferred his skills into his tours here everyday.


We have many team members who work hard to ensure that your tour runs smoothly from sunrise to sunset. These integral men and women work as drivers, consultants, porters, assistants,chefs, and more. They all provide exceptional support to our clients and guests; making sure our 24/7 support line is open, that your van/boat/buggy ride is safe and comfortable, and that all of your travel needs beyond our tours are met.

Our dozens of partners aid in connecting clientele and are an indispensable asset to us. As our operations expand, we are adding more valuable members and partners to the team. Without them, our front running operations would not be possible.