Appeare more entertainment destinations to attract tourists in Quang Binh


As part of the infrastructure funding activity for Quang Binh province, The route connecting Regal Legend and Vo Nguyen Giap street to the sea in Bao Ninh, Dong Hoi will be paving stones on the sidewalk, building a sea square, night lighting system and designing top of the world landscape.

Located in east Dong Hoi city, Regal Beach belongs to the Regal Legend international tourist urban area brings peaceful beauty. Every day, the beach welcomes hundreds of visitors to have fun, swim, and experience sports . To exploit the potential of the most beautiful beach in Quang Binh, A route connecting directly to the sea will make easy entrance, creating an interesting destination for residents and visitors. Smart exploitation along with preserving natural landscapes and building high-class amenities will make significant progress in tourism development in Quang Binh.

November 24th next, Regal Group officially construction of the road connecting the Regal Legend project through Vo Nguyen street to Regal Beach. Detailly, this route is about 190m long, roadbed width 15m, road surface width is 7m and sidewalk is 8m. With an investment  up to 200 billion VND, The route is investing a lot of items: Walking street entrance gate, parking, souvenirs, local food court, cafe, restaurants, maze area,...

  Regal Legend Project

The highlight of this route is the 2,126m2 beach square, which is the  for ozonize , entertainment, sports for up to a billion residents and tourists.

According to Regal Group represent, the route connecting to Regal Beach in Bao Ninh not only creates traffic connections but also creates new space, becomes a destination highlight,  attractiveness for tourists when coming to Quang Binh. More importantly, this route is a place for people to enjoy the amenities, landscape, entertainment, and sports activities at the most beautiful beach in the region. This is  evidence to Regal Group's efforts in  to building the infrastructure and public utilities of the Bao Ninh peninsula to become modern, creating a strong attraction for Quang Binh tourism.

 December, Regal Group continue to opening the first phase of Regal Beach Walk, open the top pool  southeast Asia, Korea Minigood with  series new year festival, international music festivals, Firework shows.

Source: Cafe F Newspaper.

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