Car rental

We make it easy for you to book your trip in Quang Binh Province car rental. We offer a wide choice of top-quality cars as well as competitive total pricing to meet nearly every need. Our fleets consist of a wide range of vehicles from 4 to 45 seats. It includes Ford, SUV, MPV for individual, family needs or Van, Bus for a large groups of passenger…Our vehicles are in well-kept condition and maintained regularly. They are comfortable, clean and luxurious. All seats are seat belts equipped. In addition, we also have limousine, stretch car for VIP or special event needs.

Our drivers are highly trained in driving. We take pride in our drivers who will provide not only safe and skilled driving but are friendly and courteous. Furthermore, they can share their knowledge about Vietnam with foreigners through their English-speaking communication basic.

If you are ready to book Our car rental, please let us know your request so that we can arrange this service for you.

Contact support: +84941247373