Dong Hoi Market - Quang Binh's Culinary Paradise


Dong Hoi Market is a renowned destination in the central region of Vietnam where one can find a plethora of items for sale, especially delicious Quang Binh specialties at very reasonable prices. When visiting Quang Binh, tourists can relish in the diverse culinary offerings. Join Phongnha Discovery to explore various Quang Binh specialties available at Dong Hoi Market in this article!

Where is Dong Hoi Market?

Dong Hoi Market is a bustling marketplace situated on Me Suot Street, in Hai Dinh Ward of Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh Province. The market is located on the bank of the Nhat Le river, in close proximity to the Mother Suot monument and the Nhat Le bridge.

Open time at Dong Hoi Market

The opening hours of Dong Hoi Market are daily from 4-5 am until 6 pm.

The Dong Hoi Market holds a significant historical background dating back to the French colonial period. It was initially a small agricultural and food market. However, as Quang Binh province's economy flourished, the market expanded and became the province's large commercial center, covering an area of over 10,000 square meters. The market is divided into several sections, each specializing in different items, such as clothing, shoes, household appliances, fresh seafood, dried seafood,...

What are some delicious foods to try at Dong Hoi Market?

The Dong Hoi Market is a culinary paradise in the central region that you simply cannot afford to miss if you want to explore the local specialties. Join Phongnha Discovery on a trip to Quang Binh and discover for yourself the charm of this dining destination!

Banh Loc Quang Binh

Quang Binh Banh Loc is a delicacy of the Quang Binh region, made from filtered cassava flour and filled with shrimp, meat, and wood ear mushrooms. If you like, you can also add bamboo shoots. The ingredients are then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. This cake has a chewy crust with a sweet taste from the shrimp and meat, and a greasy flavor from the mixed fish sauce. It is a rustic dish, loved by many who visit Quang Binh. Along with banh loc wrapped in leaves, there are also banh loc and fried banh loc available.

Banh Xeo Quang Binh

Banh Xeo Quang Binh is a specialty dish of Quang Binh region. This cake has a delicious, unique flavor and differs from banh xeo in other places.

Banh Xeo Quang Binh is a special dish that is made using brown rice flour, which gives it a unique reddish-brown color. Banh Xeo is thinly coated and has the delicious aroma of brown rice. They are typically served with fresh vegetables, red bean sprouts, and a tangy sweet and sour fish sauce. If you're ever in Quang Binh, this is a dish that you definitely don't want to miss.

Quang Binh Porridge Soup

Quang Binh porridge Soup also known as soup cake, is a specialty dish from the Quang Binh region. The porridge dough is typically made of wheat flour, rice flour or long, thinly rolled tapioca flour which is then combined with a flavorful broth made from bones. It is topped with a variety of ingredients such as snakehead fish, eggs, rolls, shrimp, ribs and served with ram.

Banh Beo

Banh Beo Quang Binh is a popular dish made from thinly coated rice flour and a filling of ground shrimp and spices.

Banh Beo from Quang Binh has a delicious and distinctive flavor. The greasy flavor of rice flour, the sweetness of shrimp and meat, the sour and spicy essence of fish sauce, and the crispy taste of pork rinds all blend together to form an incredibly enticing dish. Banh beo is usually consumed hot and is a favored breakfast or snack among many people.

Filtered Flour Bread (Banh My Bot Loc)

Quang Binh's specialty, filtered flour bread, is a crispy delight. Tapioca cakes filled with shrimp and meat are sandwiched inside, making it an incredibly tasty dish, especially when paired with sweet and sour fish sauce.


Sweet Soups

At Dong Hoi market, you can find a wide variety of sweet soups including traditional options like green beans sweet soup, grapefruit sweet soup, taro sweet soup, as well as more modern choices like filtered sweet soup, Thai sweet soup, durian sweet soup, and Khuc Bach sweet soup, each with its own unique and delicious flavor.


Dong Hoi Market is known as the "seafood Paradise" of Quang Binh because of the diversity and freshness of seafood here. Visitors can easily find seafood such as shrimp, crabs, crabs, squid, sea fish,... caught from Quang Binh waters. Seafood stalls are always crowded with buyers and sellers, creating a bustling and vibrant atmosphere.


Dong Hoi Market is not just a place for shopping and enjoying food, but also an opportunity for visitors to experience the daily lives of the local people. As visitors walk around the market, they can feel the bustling atmosphere, excitement and friendliness of the Quang Binh people.

Above is an article exploring Dong Hoi Market culinary area. If you need travel advice when coming to Quang Binh, please contact us here for support!


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