Dried sweet potatoes – A rustic gift from Quang Binh


Quang Binh is known for its beautiful landscapes, such as Phong Nha Ke Bang, Nhat Le Beach,... However, tourists also remember a special gift from this area – dried sweet potatoes. This dish not only has a delicious sweet flavor, but it's also a representation of the meticulousness and patience of the locals. Khoai deo is a unique specialty of Quang Binh, made from red sweet potatoes grown on the white sand slopes of this region.

Original and material of Dried sweet potatoes

Dried sweet potatoes, which are often mistaken for soft potatoes, are a dish made from a type of potato that has an elongated shape, dark brown skin, orange-yellow flesh and a sweet taste.


Dried Sweet potatoes has its origin in Hai Ninh Commune, Quang Ninh District, Quang Binh Province. This place has white sand dunes that stretch along the coast, making it perfect for growing red sweet potatoes. People here have developed a method to process sweet potatoes into khoai deo, a sweet potato snack that can be stored for longer periods and enjoyed anytime.

How to make dried sweet potatoes?

To make delicious Dried sweet potatoes, it requires meticulous work and attention to detail from the people involved in the process. Once the potatoes are harvested, they are stored and drained. It's important to store them in a dry place to prevent sprouting. When the potatoes are no longer plump, they are washed and boiled until they become soft. Then, they are cut into thin slices lengthwise and dried under the strong sun. The potato slices are dried high on the sand and lined underneath with a layer of bamboo plant to prevent them from sticking to the rack.

After drying for about one to two months until they firm up and change color to that of cockroach wings, they are called potato slices. Despite being exposed to the sun and dew for several times, this potato retains its fragrant flavor and sweetness. The delicious potato deo is dry but flexible like malt, has a red-yellow color like honey and has a very sweet and unique taste. 

How to enjoy dried sweet potatoes?

Dried sweet potatoes can be enjoyed directly or processed into many different dishes. When eaten directly, sweet potato has a sweet, chewy taste that gradually melts in the mouth.


In addition, dried sweet potatoes is also used to make sweet soup, ice cream, cakes or cooked with porridge. Delicious sweet potatoes dish, rich in flavor, is a great cooling dish on hot summer days. Potatoes can also be enjoyed with a cup of tea, and chatting with friends is also great. Sweet potatoes is delicious and rich, a meaningful gift for friends and relatives.

Dried sweet potatoes - Quang Binh’s specialty gift

Dried sweet potatoes is not only a delicious dish but also a meaningful hometown gift for tourists coming to Quang Binh. This gift brings with it the sweet taste of the homeland, and is the gratitude of the people of Quang Binh to tourists.

Where to buy Quang Binh Dried sweet potatoes?

Visitors can buy dried sweet potatoes at specialty stores in Quang Binh or at local markets. Some famous places selling sweet potatoes in Quang Binh include:

  • Rose City Quang Binh Specially and Souvernir Shop

Address: 103 Truong Phap Street, Dong Hoi City

  • Mien Trung – Xu Quang Store

Address: 185 Truong Phap, Dong Hoi City

  •  Dong Hoi Market

Address: Me Suot Street, Dong Hoi City

  • Quang Binh Dried Sweet potatoes Shop

Address: 173 Hai Ba Trung Street, Dong Hoi City

  • “Dac san Mien Trung” supermarket

 Address: Hamlet 8, Ly Trach Commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province.

Dried sweet potatoes prices in Quang Binh range from 100,000 VND to 180,000 VND per kilogram, based on the quality of the produce. When selecting dried sweet potatoes, ensure that you choose the ones that are golden in color, evenly colored, and free from mold or damage. Store the dried sweet potatoes in a cool and dry place and use them within three months of purchase.

Dried sweet potatoes is a traditional and popular dish in Quang Binh. It is known for its sweet flavor and is made with great care and patience by the locals. If you ever visit Quang Binh, make sure to try this delicious dried sweet potatoes dish.


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