Kien Giang River Traditional Boat Racing Festival - A beauty cultural of Quang Binh land


Kien Giang River Boat Racing Festival is a distinctive traditional event held in Quang Binh province every year on September 2nd ( Vietnam Independence Day). It attracts a large number of locals and tourists alike, as it takes place on the picturesque Kien Giang river, meandering through serene villages that are steeped in the local cultural identity.


Kien Giang River is a 58-kilometer-long tributary of Nhat Le River. The river originates from the Truong Son range, passes through the An Ma mountain region and carries heavy alluvium to the delta of two districts, Le Thuy and Quang Ninh. It then enters the Hac Hai lagoon and finally flows into the Nhat Le River.

The history of the traditional boat racing festival

The Kien Giang River Boat Racing Festival has a rich history dating back to the swimming festival of Le Thuy village. According to legend, during the summer season, the Kien Giang river would dry up, leaving its bottom exposed due to drought. However, in August, heavy rains would arrive, causing the river to rise, fields to flood, and farming work to become more manageable. Floodwaters would also eliminate insects and bring silt to enrich the crop. As a result, people across the region would joyfully organize boat racing festivals to celebrate and provide an opportunity for boys and girls to showcase their talents, improve their health, and pray for a good business year and a successful harvest.

Following the victory of our country in the August Revolution of 1945, the people of Le Thuy organized a district-level boat racing festival on September 2, 1946 to celebrate Independence Day. Since then, every year on National Day, the Kien Giang River echoes with the cheers of fans as they witness the thrilling boat races. This tradition eventually gave rise to the Quang Binh traditional boat racing festival, which has become an indispensable part of the local people's spiritual and cultural heritage.

What's special about the boat racing festival?

The Kien Giang River Boat Racing Festival is an annual event that typically lasts for a day. It features the participation of numerous racing teams from the communes and wards of the Le Thuy district. The festival hosts a range of events, including men's and women's boat racing, scratch boat racing and more, in which the racing teams compete against each other.

The racetrack located on Kien Giang River is a significant challenge for racing teams. The men's team has to cover a distance of approximately 24 km, and the women's team has to cover 15 km. The race route for the men's team begins from Mui Viet Junction and extends up to the floating dunes in Xuan Bo village before returning to the finish line at Xuan Phong bridge area. For the women's team, the distance is shorter, and the competition route is similar, but they will turn around at the turn of the neck. The first corner of the race poses the most thrilling moment because it is an opportunity for some teams to gain an advantage. However, many potential risks also exist at this point because several boats have sunk in this place.


In preparation for the festival, the racing teams will practice hard to get ready for the competition day. On the day of the festival, both sides of the Kien Giang River are filled with people and tourists, and cheers echo throughout the entire area. The racing teams compete hard, creating a vibrant and bustling atmosphere. The boats selected for the competition must be of the best quality, firmly built and clean. The village chief also takes a boat to worship and pray to the gods that the festival will go smoothly and that his village's racing team will win.


After the competition concludes, the organizing committee will present awards to the racing teams who have achieved impressive feats. The Kien Giang River Boat Racing Festival is a precious cultural tradition that needs to be preserved and promoted. The festival not only enhances the cultural and social welfare of the local community but also draws tourists from all around the world.

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The meaningful of Boat Racing Festival

The boat racing festival is not just a sports activity, but also a chance for local people to showcase their unity, determination, and love for their homeland. The festival also serves as an occasion to boost tourism and introduce the cultural splendor of Quang Binh to visitors from all around the world.

On August 27, 2019, the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism announced the list of National Intangible Cultural Heritage for the Racing and Boating Festival on Kien Giang River in Le Thuy District, Quang Binh Province.


Kien Giang River Boat Racing Festival is a wonderful cultural event that takes place in Quang Binh. This festival not only has great spiritual significance, but also helps to promote local tourism. If you happen to visit Quang Binh, be sure to attend the Kien Giang river boat racing festival and experience the vibrant and bustling atmosphere of the festival, as well as discover the cultural beauty of the people here. In addition to attending the festival, you can also visit popular tourist attractions around Le Thuy, such as Hoang Phuc Pagoda, General Vo Nguyen Giap Memorial House, Bang Mineral Stream,...

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