Minh Hoa Love Market - Cultural beauty of the Nguon People


Minh Hoa is a mountainous district located in Quang Binh province, Vietnam. The district is blessed with beautiful scenery that has great potential for tourism development. When someone mentions Minh Hoa, the first thing that comes to mind is the majestic and beautiful Tu Lan cave system, which is a dream destination for adventure sports enthusiasts. In addition to this, the area is also known for its spectacular limestone mountains and the best tourist village in the world - Tan Hoa.

However, there is more to this place than just its natural beauty. The most unique feature of Minh Hoa is the Full Moon Festival that takes place in March. This festival is an integral part of the local culture and is eagerly awaited by the people of Minh Hoa. The third lunar month is a time of excitement and hustle-bustle as people prepare for the Full Moon of March. The most anticipated event of the festival is the love market, which draws a lot of attention from everyone.

The Minh Hoa Love Market is a distinctive market that occurs every year on the full moon day of the third lunar month in Quy Dat Town, Minh Hoa District, Quang Binh Province. It is not just a place for buying, selling and trading everyday goods, but also a place for preserving the traditional cultural values of the Nguon ethnic group.

Minh Hoa district (Quang Binh province) has many ethnic groups such as: Khua, May, Ruc, Sach, Kinh... and are often referred to as Nguon people. The culture of the Nguon people in Minh Hoa is quite rich with many outstanding features associated with unique customs, festivals, and unique culinary styles.

The orgin of the March full moon Festival

The March full moon festival of the Nguoi people has its roots in an ancient story. According to the tale, two brothers journeyed to Ong Ngoi, located in the north of Quy Dat Town (Minh Hoa district), in search of honey.

As they reached the mountain's peak, they stumbled upon a well brimming with crystal-clear water. Near the well, there was a tangerine tree that was heavy with fruit. The area was shaded by a large tree which had twelve stone statues resembling Buddha. The elder brother was so impressed by the beauty of the place that he decided to carry one of the stone statues down the mountain. But when he reached Cui waterfall, he put down the statue to take a bath. To his surprise, when he tried to lift the statue again, he found it impossible to do so. Ever since that day, the waterfall where the stone statue remains is known as But waterfall.

Since then, In March, after people finished harvesting their crops, they would go to the Buddha waterfall on the day of the full moon to express gratitude to heaven and earth for the abundant harvest. They also took part in the full moon market festival during this time.

What's on the Full Moon Market in March?

Every year, when the full moon festival season comes in March, from dawn when the clouds are guarding over each mountain range and the wild rooster crows, local people from far away set out to cross streams and forests to attend festival. The Source always has a saying:

 “Thà rằng đau ốm mà nằm/Không ai nỡ bỏ chợ rằm tháng Ba”.

(that means It's better to be sick and lie in bed/No one can afford to miss the full moon market in March)

Minh Hoa love market is an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists. If you have the opportunity to come to Quang Binh, come to Minh Hoa love market to experience the unique cultural beauty of this place.

The market is mainly for exchanging and selling local products and many other traditional dishes. Some dishes that you cannot miss are corn stew dipped in honey, Minh Hoa snails,… March is also the time when bees collect honey, so enjoy honey here.

At this time, young men and women in the village will go to the market to shop, as if going to a festival. The full moon market is not only for shopping but also a place to meet and get to know young men and women in the area. There are also unique folk games such as tug of war, human chess, stilt walking, volleyball,... very attractive everyone. Tourists coming here also have the opportunity to approach indigenous culture through folk songs such as fish medicine songs, lullaby songs,… The March full moon festival attracts many visitors from other localities to visit. They come here to pray for blessings, fortune, exchange and search a lover,..

The unique feature of Minh Hoa Love Market is the romantic and lyrical atmosphere. Boys and girls come to the market with their most beautiful costumes, they sing love songs, get to know each other and express their feelings. The Love Market is a place of love for many couples, contributing to preserving the traditional cultural beauty of the local people.

Over time, the full moon market in March has more or less changed, but the traditional cultural beauty is still preserved by people as a part of daily life. To this day, every Minh Hoa citizen, no matter how far they go, cannot miss the full moon market in March when they have the opportunity to return to their familiar homeland.

Minh Hoa Love Market is an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists. If you have an opportunity to come to Quang Binh, come to Minh Hoa Love Market to experience the unique cultural beauty of this place.

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