Miss Grand International in Dong Hoi, Quang Binh

Miss Grand International 2017: All the latest from Quang Binh

We have received updates from our team in Vietnam and we are delighted to bring you all the latest REAL information from where it is happening:

Following a successful start to the Miss Grand International 2017 Pageant in Ho Chi Minh City, it was an early start for the 75 delegates as they prepared for the next stop: Quang Binh province. Once again, the Miss Grand International staff made sure everyone was taken care of. Early on Monday morning, the team collected everyone’s passports to ensure that everything was ready for the girls departure and when they arrived at the airport, all they had to was check in their luggage. The 180 person strong team flew on a plane that was exclusively for the Miss Grand International group.
An amazing sight awaited the girls upon their arrival – hundreds of flag-waiving fans were waiting at the airport. The crowd was delighted to see the girls in person and you could hear them chanting “M-G-I, M-G-I, M-G-I”. The warmth, hospitality and enthusiasm with which everyone has been received in Vietnam is continuing to impress all the people who are part of this experience.
The girls and the MGI team were whisked away on buses to the huge and luxurious Sun Spa Resort. Check-in was super organised and efficient and the team has been super impressed by the beautiful and spacious rooms at this scenic resort. After a long day, it was time for a relaxed dinner and time to continue getting to know one new friend and learning about exotic places and cultures. As was the case in Ho Chi Minh City, our team also mentioned that the wide variety of food on offer and the fact that there’s always water (especially in a humid country) really makes it feel like no effort or expense is being spared to ensure that everyone is taken good care of.
October is still part of the rainy season in Vietnam, but no amount of rain could dampen the atmosphere at Miss Grand International 2017. When the skies cleared up on Tuesday, the girls set off on a trip to the Thiên Đường (Paradise Cave), a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was a steep climb (of approximately 480 steps) in humid weather, but the girls did amazingly well and the reward: one of the most impressive sights that you will ever see, the natural beauty of this 31km long cave, which was only discovered in 2005. Everyone was in awe of what they witnessed – it truly is a bucket list item and well-worth the climb.
The 3 hour visit to the cave was filled with photo opportunities and the reigning Miss Grand International, Ariska Putri Pertiwi from Indonesia, and 24 selected delegates were given the chance to participate in photo shoot in the caves wearing beautiful Vietnamese áo dàis.
Miss Grand International has been doing exceptionally well in the way they have been making their online presence known. Updates are fast and regular live streaming is keeping the fans from around the world up to speed with what the girls are doing in Vietnam. We hope to see this in all the big international pageants.
What a sight

When the girls returned to their hotel, they had two hours to get ready for the evening’s Welcome Dinner at the Sun Resort. Another impressive fact about Miss Grand International that we would like to highlight is that there are always, regardless of how big or small the event is that the girls attend, a team of people waiting to help the girls with their hair and makeup.
The evening’s events took place at the resort’s ballroom and the guests were treated to a lobster dinner complimented by some locally produced wine. Before Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil and the local dignitaries gave their speeches and exchanged gifts, the girls were introduced in pairs in their evening wear. It was a special evening for four girls whose birthdays were celebrated at this event. The delegates from China, Cuba (who wore one of the most interesting outfits of the evening), the Philippines and Tanzania each received one of the beautiful áo dàis. A few of the delegates performed their talents. Fiji impressed with her vocal talents, France danced beautiful and Belgium displayed her taekwondo skills. The evening was ended on high note with a the girls singing and dancing to the hit song Despacito.
Today the delegates went on a tour of the city before taking part in a photo shoot at the hotel. After yesterday’s busy day, a more relaxed day was to be enjoyed by one and all. Currently the girls are in rehearsals for tomorrow’s National Costume Competition.

Photos: Global Beauties / Leonardo Rodrigues / Miss Grand International

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