Quang Binh, Vietnam is always a bright spot when choosing a tourist destination. In Quang Binh, visitors can always enjoy fresh seafood: squids, shrimps, fishes, .. Especially, visitors also have the opportunity to capture the scene of the early morning fishing village directly at the seashore. Therefore, Nhan Trach fishing market is now a new stop in Quang Binh tourism of many tourists. 

If you travel to Quang Binh, you should pay a visit to Nhan Trach fishing market at dawn to have a chance to witness the vivid scenery of local fishermen doing their job. 

On the beach, the fishermen gather and chat to wait for fishing boats. When the boat came to the shore, the fishermen come and pull up the baskets full of fresh fishes, shrimps, squids, … creating a lively scene at dawn.

You should get up at 4am to visit Nhan Trach fishing village. After that, go swimming freely and then have a breakfast with a bowl of squid noodles: crispy squid, crispy egg’s squid, crunchy combined with fragrant cilantro and the aroma of instant noodles, it is way too tasty!

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