What's attractive about Quang Binh?

Quang Binh is favored by nature when converging different types of terrain, such as mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, plains, and islands. Coming to Quang Binh, you will be immersed in the unspoiled natural scenery of rolling mountains, winding rivers, and streams. Enjoy the majesty of the primeval forest surrounded by limestone mountains and learn about the extremely rich and rare flora and fauna, with hundreds of species listed in the Red Book. Especially when coming to Quang Binh, you will be attracted by the mysterious beauty of the cave system with hundreds of millions of year-old stalactites. You will experience listening to the sound of nature coming from the cave, being immersed in the cool blue water of rivers, lakes, streams, and seas, and experiencing the roads from trails, river roads, and sand dunes with a variety of vehicles such as bicycles, kayaks, yachts, 4-wheel terrain motors, etc. 

With the 3N2D journey, Quang Binh is an ideal destination for families who are passionate about exploring, so they can experience exciting activities without having to worry about dangers such as:

- Hike in the old forest
- Immerse yourself in the natural scenery, mountains, winding rivers
- Explore the cave system with its natural and unspoiled scenery
- Explore the botanical garden in Phong Nha National Park
- Explore the ancient limestone system with fossils hundreds of millions of years old
- Learn about and explore the system of stalactites with black limestone structures
- Experience the adventure trails and jagged rock trails
- Experience turning off the lights, listening to the sound of nature in the cave
- Cycle through the villages, go on the suspension bridges over the romantic Chay River
- Experience watching the Chay River on a cruise
- Kayak around the Da Can river bank or swim freely in the characteristic emerald-green water
- Enjoy afternoon tea time, listen to music, and watch the sunrise and sunset on the poetic Son River
- Experience the 4-wheel off-road motorcycle and join the sandboarding game
- Swim and enjoy fresh seafood
Let's join us to explore Quang Binh and immerse yourself in the cool blue water!
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