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Quang Binh is a province situated in central Vietnam, known for its breathtaking natural scenery and rich cultural heritage. Apart from its stunning landscape, the province is also famous for hosting unique festivals that showcase the local cultural identity. If you plan to visit Quang Binh, join Phongnha Discovery to learn about the incredible festivals that take place here!

Ma Coong Drum Beating Festival

Drum Beating Festival is a festival of the Ma Coong people, a tribe of the Bru - Van Kieu ethnic group, in Bo Trach, western Quang Binh. The drum-beating festival to celebrate the new moon season has a strong national character, is pristine, unadulterated, and carries many identities of the people of Western Quang Binh.

The Drum Beating Festival is a traditional ritual of the Ma Coong ethnic group in Quang Binh. It's held on the morning of the full moon day (15) and 16th of the first lunar month every year. The festival is a way to express gratitude to ancestors and to pray for a prosperous new year with good weather and harvests.

Traditional Boat Racing Festival

The Quang Binh Traditional Boat Racing Festival takes place every year on September 2nd at Kien Giang river in the Le Thuy district of Quang Binh province.

Originally, the traditional boat racing festival of Quang Binh was held as a ritual by the indigenous people to pray for favorable weather, a good harvest, and a full harvest of rice and fields. Additionally, young men in the village also used this opportunity to compete with each other and exercise to be able to cope with the harsh nature of Quang Binh.


As Quang Binh tourism gradually developed, the boat racing festival on Kien Giang river also expanded to include tourists, making it more jubilant and bustling. This festival is also an opportunity for people to return to their homeland and remember the contributions of national heroes like Uncle Ho and General Vo Nguyen Giap, as well as those before them who sacrificed for national independence.

Minh Hoa Love Market Festival

Every year in March, on the day of the full moon, tourists and people from rural areas flock to Minh Hoa district to take part in the lively festival and unique full moon market. This market is more than just a place for exchanging goods, it is a chance to discover the ancient rustic beauty of the Nguon people.

The March full moon festival in Minh Hoa is a special event for the locals to celebrate and pray for good weather, fortune, luck, and health. It's also an opportunity for them to attend the full moon fair and offer incense to the gods. The festival takes place in the spring when flowers are blooming and the bees are busy collecting honey. It's a time when the local products are abundant and the ethnic people dress up in new and colorful traditional outfits to attend the event and visit the markets. Most people bring their agricultural products to buy and sell. The full moon market also offers goods to serve the people from nearby lowlands.


After a year of hard work, the Full Moon Market provides a place for people to gather, have fun, and shop. Young men and women aged between 18 and 20 years are particularly enthusiastic about attending the Full Moon Market as it presents an opportunity for them to interact, make friends, and possibly even find a significant other. Many couples have met and tied the knot at this market, which has earned it the nickname "Love Market".

“Cau Ngu” Festival

“Cau Ngu” Festival is a significant ceremony celebrated by the marine community in Canh Duong coastal Village, Quang Trach District, Quang Binh Province. It is a festival where fishermen pray for a good harvest and worship the fish god to have a prosperous year with calm seas. This festival showcases the unique and regional folk cultural identity of fishermen in each locality, and it is an opportunity to promote the value of Vietnam's maritime culture. It is also an environment to preserve, enrich, and promote the diversity of cultural identity and nationalization. “Cau Ngu” Festival is a historical source and authentic evidence of the sovereignty of the sea and islands. This festival is held in the first lunar month every year in coastal villages and has many unique activities such as good luck rituals, boat processions, and various entertainment activities like barrel hooking, boat racing, net weaving, beach soccer, and cuisine.

Quang Binh “Bai Choi” Festival

Quang Binh “Bai Choi” Festival is held on the first day of Tet every year and takes place for 3 consecutive days. To be able to immerse yourself in the joyful atmosphere of Quang Binh “ Bai Choi” Festival, you should go to Thuong Village, Vo Ninh Commune, Quang Ninh District, Quang Binh province at this time. Until the day of the festival comes, the atmosphere here becomes more bustling and vibrant than ever because people from everywhere come to participate in the Quang Binh "Bai Choi" Festival. 

The venue for the Quang Binh “Bai Choi” Festival is usually in a spacious, vacant land or in front of communal houses, temples or abandoned mounds near residential areas, markets... to create favorable conditions for everyone to enjoy. You can easily come here to participate.

Quang Binh Cave Festival

Quang Binh Cave Festival is a unique event that many people eagerly await each year. It is held at various locations and features a range of activities to promote Quang Binh tourism and culture. By attending the festival, you can participate in street art activities, learn about Quang Binh's tourism, culture and heritage, and enjoy attractive incentives at various attractions.


Aside from the cave festival, Quang Binh also hosts a variety of other festivals such as the Rice Sowing Festival, the God Procession Festival at the village communal house, the heritage ao dai festival, the land rowing festival, and the cotton dancing festival. Each festival has its own distinctive identity and culture, contributing to the diverse cultural life of Quang Binh's people.

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