The 420th anniversary of the formation of Quang Binh province


On the evening of June 2, 2024, Ho Chi Minh Square in Dong Hoi City was filled with vibrant colors during the Ceremony to celebrate the 420th anniversary of the formation and development of Quang Binh province (1604-2024), the 75th anniversary of Quang Binh uprising (July 15, 1949 - July 15, 2024), and the 35th anniversary of the province's re-establishment (July 1, 1989 - July 1, 2024).


The event was grand and attended by many leaders of the Party, State, departments, branches and organizations of Quang Binh Province as well as a large number of people and tourists from both home and abroad.

The elaborate stage, lively sound and unique art performances took the audience on a journey through the heroic history of Quang Binh. Throughout history, Quang Binh has been known for its unique cultural values, and its people have shown simplicity and resilience in fighting against foreign invaders.

The theme of the show was a special art program titled "Quang Binh - Journey of Aspiration - Development," which consisted of 4 chapters:

Chapter 1: Prehistoric times, introducing the formation and development of Quang Binh through historical periods.

Chapter 2: Quang Binh - Name and rise, portraying the cultural values and fine traditions of Quang Binh homeland.

Chapter 3: Epic - Quang Binh imprinted with His footprints, praising the glorious feats of the homeland in the struggle for national liberation. Notably, 1,000 Flycam Drones performed art combined with laser light projection technology.

Chapter 4: Quang Binh towards the future, affirming the determination to build Quang Binh increasingly rich, beautiful and civilized.

The highlight of the program was the speech of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh. In his speech, the Prime Minister acknowledged and praised the great achievements that Quang Binh has made in recent years. He also urged the leaders and people of Quang Binh province to continue promoting the tradition of solidarity, innovation, creativity, and striving to build Quang Binh into a more beautiful, civilized province worthy of its position and importance in the region and the whole country.


At the end of the program, a brilliant fireworks display lit up the night sky of Quang Binh, adding sparkle and magic to the celebration. The 420th Anniversary of the founding of Quang Binh province concluded successfully, leaving a deep impression in the hearts of every Quang Binh citizen. This is a great motivation for the people to continue working together to build their homeland into a more beautiful and civilized place.

In addition to the special art program, the Anniversary also featured many other meaningful activities such as exhibitions on cultural and economic achievements of Quang Binh, cultural and artistic exchanges, and sports activities, attracting a large number of participants.

The 420th Anniversary of the founding of Quang Binh province is a significant event, marking a brilliant milestone in the development history of the homeland. It is an opportunity for Quang Binh people to review glorious traditions, foster solidarity, and determination to build their homeland into a more prosperous, beautiful, and civilized place.


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