2 Days 1 Night
Camping, Swimming, Cave exploration, Trekking
6.300.000 VNĐ

Join us on an exciting journey through the primeval forest to the breathtaking Thuy Cung Cave. Experience thrilling challenges such as climbing steep slopes, trekking through streams, and exploring deep caves. You will find joy and satisfaction as you swim beneath the magnificent underground river.

Indulge in memorable experiences by camping at the campsite in Thuy Cung Cave. With the sound of babbling brooks in the deep forest and a fantastic BBQ party, you will have a unique and irresistible experience that shouldn't be missed.

With thrilling emotions, adventurous fun, and wild exploration, your memories in the Survival Valley will become one of your most unforgettable experiences. Don't hesitate any longer, join us now and discover the incredible wilderness like never before!

DAY 1 - Tour Itinerary

7:00 AM Welcome guests in Dong Hoi.

8:00 AM Welcome guests in the Phong Nha area.

8:30 – 09:00 AM Gather at the Operations Center to receive an introduction to the Phong Nha Cave and the Survival Valley with a total area of 2,000 hectares. Learn about trekking routes, safety regulations, and a summary of the journey. Prepare for logistical matters and warm up before trekking.

9:30 AM Start the trekking journey to explore the deep forests of the Abandoned Valley. Walk through dense forest and mountainous terrain, flat roads, cliimbing slopes and crossing the sharp stone mountain range for about 4,5km.

Immerse yourself in the natural scenery of majestic mountains, winding rivers and a rich system along the typical bamboo forest of Thung Tre.

11:00 AM Arrive at the back door of Dark Cave (Dark Cave Exit)

Have a light snack, wear exploration equipment and prepare to explore 1 km inside the back door of Dark Cave Exit.

11:30 AM Visit and explore part of the most diverse cave complex in Phong Nha Ke Bang:

  • A moss-convered stalactite system - extremely special, only a few caves have.
  • Extraordinary Cave Pearls: These precious stones, formed by the relentless dripping of water, are a testtament a nature's artistry.
  • Guest have about 1 hour to experience exploring and capturing the most beautiful photos of their journey after a long 6.5km journey.

01:30 PM End of sighseeing and lunch time.

02:30 PM Start trekking through the forest, the group will arrive at the campsite, E Cave with the most beautiful turquoise water in Phong Nha.

04:00 PM Arrive at E Cave Camp and receive tents

05:00 PM Free time to swim and experience Fish Massage at the entrance of E Cave (Depending on the situation of fish in the cave)

05:30 PM Have BBQ dinner

06:30 PM Participate in campfire activities, stargazing (weather permitting)

08:00 PM The group rests and end the first day

17:00 : Let's start preparing for and enjoying the BBQ party exclusively arranged for the group, where we can share stories by the campfire, accompanied by the gentle strumming of a guitar and impromptu singing, or simply gaze at the magnificent starry sky.

21:00 : The group will rest, concluding the first day at Thuy Cung Cave.

DAY 2 - Tour Itinerary

06:30 AM Wake up to greet the sunrise and immerse yourself in the captivating melody of the early morning forest. 

07:00 - 07:30 AM Have breakfast with local dishes that have been prepared.

08:00 - 11:00 AM: Explore E Cave with activities:

  • Paddle SUP 1.2km - 1.5km inside E Cave
  • Each guest will be firmed a 10s - 15s clip with a professional Gopro at the entrance of E Cave
  • Participate in water sports activities such as snokeling, beach volleyball, lazy floats reading books, yellow/black ducks checking in,...

11:30 AM Change clothes and have light tea and coffee.

12:00 PM Time for lunch

01:00 PM Depart to Golden Cave

Explore 1km of the 24km stalactite system and special stalactites.

03:00 PM End of visiting Golden Cave, the group will walk through dense forest and mountainous terrain, steep rocks for 2.5km.

05:00 PM The group arrives back at the pick-up point at km 9 (Ho Chi Minh Trail). 

Congratulations on completing the journey.

05:30 PM The car takes the group back to Phong Nha / Dong Hoi Area. End of tour. 


We will provide:

  • Entrance fees to Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park
  • Insurance coverage up to millions of dong
  • Tax and environmental protection fees, ensuring natural resources
  • Tour guide and porter assistance throughout the tour
  • Meals and beverages
  • Caving and camping equipment, including helmets, headlamps, gloves, and life jackets
  • Military boots/sandals for jungle trekking (for guests without proper footwear, sizes 36-43)
  • Dry bag for small-sized phones and cameras (Please notify us in advance if you have a larger-sized camera). Dry bags are only prepared in case of high water levels.
  • Medical and rescue equipment

You need to prepare:

  • Light and quick-drying clothing:
  • 1 set of trekking clothes, preferably with long sleeves to avoid insect bites
  • 1 set of swimwear
  • 1 set of clothes for camping
  • 1 set of spare clothes for after the trip (if needed)
  • 1 pair of high-quality military hiking boots/sandals suitable for rugged terrains (DO NOT wear waterproof shoes as they do not have good water drainage)
  • 2 pair of long and thick socks (avoid low-cut socks) 
  • 1 spacious backpack to hold your personal items: mosquito repellent, sunglasses, hat, camera, underwear, toiletries, sunscreen, and swimwear.

* Please check with us the availability before completing your payment for this trip, this tour is depended on the weather.

Tour run with minimum of 5 participants and tour price is changed depending on the group size.

Please ensure that your fitness level is suitable for the following activities for the trip:

  • Hiking 10km through mountainous forests with uneven terrain, crossing rivers/streams
  • Climbing steep slopes of about 150m - 300m (height from the valley to the mountain peak)
  • Swimming to explore the Aquarium Cave
  • Camping in the forest/cave for one night
  • Exploring the 300m back entrance of the Dark Cave
  • Enjoying activities such as ziplining for 600m, sliding bridges, kayaking, and swimming in the river
  • Group size: from 5 to 20 people
  • Please let us know if you have any history of cardiovascular diseases or epilepsy.
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