Cha Lo International Border Gate - Interesting tourist destination in Minh Hoa District


Cha Lo International Border Gate is situated in Dan Hoa commune, Minh Hoa district, Quang Binh province. Plays a significant role in facilitating trade, import and export activities between Vietnam and Laos. This location serves as a gateway that unlocks the potential for economic development, tourism and international cooperation for the western region of Quang Binh and its adjoining provinces.


Strategic location Cha Lo International Border Gate

Cha Lo border gate is situated on the Ho Chi Minh route, which connects Vietnam's National Highway 12A with Laos' National Highway 8. It is a significant trade point that facilitates the transportation of goods, promotes tourism and facilitates cultural exchange between the two countries.

The Cha Lo International Border Gate Economic Zone is strategically located along the National Highway 12A and the Ho Chi Minh Highway, providing it with a unique advantage. It ensures seamless connectivity and collaboration with other border gate economic zones in the region, including Lao Bao, the suspension bridge, and the Vung Ang Economic Zone.

Moreover, the Cha Lo International Border Gate Economic Zone belongs 9 provinces that are shared by three countries, namely Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. It is situated on Road 8 and Road 12, further enhancing its accessibility and connectivity.

Ever since the  Nghi 3 Bridge was opened, connecting Thailand and Laos, National Highway 12A has been considered as the shortest route. This has helped to reduce the costs for businesses that participate in trade, import and export activities via Laos. After crossing the Cha Lo international border gate, the route returns to Vietnam and may pass through third countries.

The Lao Government has invested in upgrading and expanding the road from Friendship 3 Bridge to Cha Lo. New inter-sectoral checkpoints and chemical inspection yards have been built to ensure efficient trade activities in the area. Additionally, the National Highway 12A, connecting the border gate to Hon La Economic Zone and Vung Ang Economic Zone, has been upgraded to facilitate import-export activities and contribute to the development of the people's economy and national security. The area now has improved facilities to support trade and there are plenty of rooms available.

The potential for developing the economic zone of the Cha Lo Border Gate

Cha Lo border gate has the potential to become the economic, cultural, and tourist center of the Western region of Quang Binh. The area can support the growth of service industries such as warehousing, logistics, tourism, and trade.

The Cha Lo Border Gate plays a vital role in connecting the East-West Economic Corridor, which fosters economic, cultural, and tourism cooperation between Vietnam and Laos. Both countries regularly organize cultural, sports, and tourism exchange programs, which contribute significantly to strengthening the friendship and cooperation between them.

The Cha Lo International Border Gate holds significant importance in the economic development, tourism, and international cooperation of Quang Binh's western region. With the right direction and investment, the Cha Lo Border Gate has the potential to become a bustling trade "door," which can contribute to the common development of the region, as well as the two nations of Vietnam and Laos.

The tourist destinations around Cha Lo Border Gate


Mo waterfall

Mo Waterfall is situated in Hoa Hop Commune of Minh Hoa District in Quang Binh Province. It is located about 100km west of Dong Hoi city center and is situated next to the Ho Chi Minh trail.

Mo Waterfall in Quang Binh is a hidden gem for tourists. Despite its obscurity, the waterfall has maintained its natural beauty. It is situated in the middle of a vast, untouched forest. You can hear the sound of the waterfall from afar, as it roars through the forest.

Looking from above, Mo Waterfall provides a picturesque view. Water streams cascade down the cliff, forming a white waterfall that splashes foam throughout the space.

Tan Hoa Tourist Village

Tan Hoa village is situated in a vast and flat valley, encompassed by majestic limestone mountains. The winding Rao Nan River flows through the valley.

Tan Hoa, located in Minh Hoa, Quang Binh, has been recognized as "The best tourist village in the world" in 2023. It is oriented towards developing tourism villages that adapt to weather conditions and provide diverse experiences for tourists. These experiences include homestays (Rural Home), opportunities to experience farming work, dining at homestays, and visiting mountainous communes.

Tu Lan Lodge

Tu Lan Lodge is located in Tan Hoa Commune, Minh Hoa District, Quang Binh Province, from Phong Nha Town about 70 km to the west-north.


Tu Lan Lodge combines luxury, modernity, and harmony with nature, surrounded by vast grasslands and limestone mountains.

Yen Phu Lake

Address: Trung Hoa Commune, Minh Hoa District, Quang Binh Province


Yen Phu Lake is a serene and beautiful spot, with majestic mountains and lush green fields that are home to grazing buffalo. It's a breathtaking place that will leave anyone who visits feeling amazed and captivated. If you're in Minh Hoa, this is a destination that you absolutely cannot miss.

Quy Dat Market

Quy Dat Market is a bustling and significant market located in Quy Dat town, Minh Hoa district, Quang Binh province. Situated on Ho Chi Minh Road, it is approximately 100 km away from Dong Hoi city. The market serves as a crucial trading hub in the western region of Quang Binh.

However, what makes this place unique is the Full Moon Festival that takes place in March. This cultural event is an essential feature of the Minh Hoa people. During the third lunar month, everyone is busy and excitedly preparing for the Full Moon of March. The love market is particularly noteworthy, and everyone is eager to attend.


Ba Nuong Pier

Ba Nuong Pier is located in Xuan Hoa Commune of Minh Hoa district, is the biggest water storage dam in the entire district. Once you visit this place, you will feel like you have been transported to a fairyland due to its stunning and pristine natural beauty - the mountains, forests, rivers and water, all mixed with a bit of mystery.

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