Here at Phong Nha Discovery, we strive to be a top leader in tour services; providing unforgettable experiences to our guests. We run an array of tours such as adventure, caving, trekking, and classic activities in the national park and surrounding areas.

We are more than happy to welcome you all here and admire our stunning landscapes, relax your mind in gorgeous nature, join in action-packed experiences, learn about beautiful culture, and meet the people in the most friendly region.

Let's live to the fullest when coming to Quang Binh!

Phongnha Discovery Tours

Journey for you

If you are a person who is passionate about experiential discovery but is a bit adventurous, you definitely can't miss our journeys, swimming and camping inside the cave, or simply taking part in an adventure. Experience of the day, all for you.

Our Destination

Join Phongnha Discovery to explore the cave system in Quang Binh with the beauty of large stalactites with many different eye-catching shapes and designs hidden deep in the cave, making visitors extremely excited by the natural beauty of the cave. Natural but equally majestic of the mountains and forests bestowed by nature.


We have collected many questions asked by our customers from time to time. Maybe your question was already asked. The questions on this page cover all of our tours.

Yes, all of our day tours have daily departures; rain or shine. However, the deeper cave tours (the 7 km and 4.5 km cave tours) are weather permitting. 

All tours require walking, so prepare comfortable trainers or sandals. Prepare for the weather appropriately and bring hats, sunscreen, rain gear etc. The Dark cave does not require shoes, but be sure to bring your bathers and your own towel. We recommend that your bring a dark coloured swimsuit if possible as it requires machine washing to remove the mud. It is not permitted to wear wet baiting suits in the tour van. 

Yes, please let us know of your pick up and drop off location in your booking.

Yes, you can be dropped off at the train station after the tour. The tour typically ends at 17:00-17:30. We offer both pick-up and drop-off at the train station for free; so you could be picked up at the station in the morning and dropped off in the evening if you are in a hurry. Although it has never happened so far, Phongnha Discovery does not hold responsibility for unforeseen emergencies delaying drop-off.


To go north (Ninh Binh, Hanoi): The SE2 departs at 18:30 and the SE4 departs at 19:30

To go south (Hue, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh): The SE5 departs at 19:30

Yes. The Dark Cave requires all guests to wear a life jacket at all times when in the water. Our other tours may feature swimming, but our guests can always choose to opt out or only stand in the water.

Phongnha Discovery provides a variety of food including rice, meat, vegetables, fish, eggs,…. There will be options for vegan, vegetarian,… Please tell us if you have any special requirements.


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