Eight Ladies Cave – Spiritual tourist destination at the beginning of the year


Eight Ladies Cave, also known as the Cave of Eight Youth Volunteers, is a historical site from the US war. It is situated at 20 Road - Quyet Thang in Tan Trach Commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province. This location was one of the "fire coordinates" during 1971-1972.

At that time, eight young volunteers were on duty at the communication station located in Tam Co cave. When an American plane dropped a bomb, they quickly ran into the cave to take shelter. Unfortunately, the bomb hit the cave entrance directly, causing a large rock to fall and bury the entrance.

Remind about national historical legends

During the dry season transport campaign in 1970-1971, the 559th Group Command decided to reinforce the youth volunteer force in Military Region 4 for the route. To achieve this, eight young volunteers from Hoang Hoa district in Thanh Hoa province, who belonged to Company 217, were added by Group 559 to Youth Volunteer Team 25, Construction Committee 67. The group started working on the route from June 20, 1971

On June 7, 1972, the Youth Volunteer Team 25 was recognized as a collective Hero of Labor for their remarkable achievements. They worked tirelessly to clear bombs, while ensuring the safe passage of artillery vehicles and soldiers across a dangerous road. All this was done while the US army continuously bombed the area. It is estimated that each team member had to endure over 600 large-sized bombs, as well as tens of thousands of tons of all kinds of bombs and ammunition.

On November 14, 1972, the Youth Volunteer Company 217 received an urgent order from the Command of Group 559. They were tasked with clearing the route for a military convoy of 150 vehicles carrying weapons and goods to be transported to the South. Due to the urgent situation in the Southern battlefield, the US military continuously sent air power to attack the route, as they had suffered a defeat in a number of battles.

In 1972, during the Vietnam War, US aircraft bombed a road which required constant repair from a youth volunteer team. The volunteers would quickly build the road during the day, and retreat to a tunnel when an alarm was given. One afternoon, when the volunteers were close to finishing the road, there was an alarm of US aircraft bombing. The soldiers in the unit withdrew to a shelter, but 8 young volunteers only had time to take refuge in a large cave. After the planes left, the youth volunteer team continued to work on restoring the road. However, a large rock fell and covered the entrance of the cave where the 8 young volunteers were hiding, leaving them trapped. Despite the commander's efforts, the relief means were few and rudimentary, and due to the urgency of the war, the 8 young volunteers could not be saved from the cave attack.

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The story of the number 8

Coming to Eight Ladies Cave in Quang Binh, you will have the opportunity to hear spiritual stories about the number 8. First, we must mention the statistics of tanks and trucks used in the 1972 war against the US. This section of road is number 8. Second, the wild banana trees at Eight Ladies Cave in Quang Binh all produce a bunch of 8. Inside the Eight Ladies Cave in Quang Binh, there is a pair of Truong Son geckos living and the eggs they give birth to are the number 8.

In addition to the story about the number 8, people around here also heard about the sound of geckos in the middle of the 50th Anniversary of the opening of Truong Son Road at Eight Ladies Cave in Quang Binh. 

In 1988, Eight Ladies Cave was recognized as a national historical relic on the Ho Chi Minh Trail as a tribute to the eight young volunteers who made a heroic sacrifice. In 2010, the President posthumously awarded the title of "Hero of the People's Armed Forces" to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives at Tam Co cave. Their bravery is deeply appreciated and serves as an inspiration to many.

Eight Ladies Cave is a well-known spiritual tourist destination in Quang Binh. Every year, at the beginning of the year, a large number of tourists from all over visit this place to offer incense in memory of the eight heroic young volunteers, and to pray for peace and a favorable new year.

If you get a chance to visit Quang Binh, make sure you don't miss this spiritual tourist destination. At Eight Ladies Cave, visitors can not only enjoy the stunning natural beauty of Quang Binh's mountains and forests but also listen to heroic historical stories about the sacrifices of eight young volunteers. This is a meaningful spiritual tourist destination that helps visitors gain a better understanding of the heroic history of the Vietnamese people.

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