Significant dishes on Vietnamese Tet


The Lunar New Year is a significant traditional festival for the Vietnamese people. It is a time when families reunite and gather after a year of hard work. In addition to traditional rituals, Tet dishes also play a vital role in creating a joyful and warm atmosphere for Tet. Join Phongnha Discovery to learn about the meaning of Vietnamese Tet dishes through the following article!

Chung Cake

Banh chung is a dish with a rich history in Vietnamese culinary culture, and is a staple of the Tet feast. It represents the earth and is a symbol of Prince Lang Lieu's gratitude to the 16th King Hung, as well as to heaven and earth. The cake is made by combining sticky rice, sweet beans, mildly spicy pepper, and fatty meat, producing a unique Tet flavor that is both delicious and well-rounded. Waiting for a pot of Banh Chung to cook has become a part of the Northern people's subconscious during Tet.

This dish is not only displayed on traditional trays but can also be given as a gift to friends and relatives.

Gac Sticky rice

Gac sticky rice is a traditional dish with a deep cultural significance. According to ancient beliefs, the color red symbolizes luck and marital happiness. As a result, it is customary to eat Gac sticky rice on full moon days, holidays, and especially during Tet. This lucky red dish is believed to bring prosperity and success in the new year. To make it, upland sticky rice, gac, and coconut milk are cooked together, resulting in a beautiful red color, a fragrant sticky rice taste, and a sweet aroma of coconut.

Boiled Chicken

Boiled chicken has been a symbol of wealth and prosperity for many generations. This is because yellow has always been associated with these qualities. When chicken is boiled, it often turns into a shiny golden color. As a result, it is considered an essential dish in the feast offered to the ancestral altar. Boiled chicken brings hope that the inside is warm and the outside is peaceful. It adds to the richness and uniqueness of Tet dishes.

Bitter melon soup

In Vietnamese family meals, a dish that cannot be missed is meat-stuffed bitter melon soup, which is also known as "Canh Khổ Qua" in Vietnamese. This dish has a distinctive taste, where the broth is cool, the bitter melon peel is tender, and the meat inside is delicious. It is believed that bitter melon has cooling properties that help to purify the body, especially during holidays.


Vietnamese people have a tradition of using the word "bitter melon" to signify the hope that all the difficulties of the old year will quickly pass and that the new year will bring blessings and luck to their homes.

The pickled palanquin dish

In the Tet tray of the Vietnamese people, there are numerous delicious dishes ranging from complex delicacies to simple and rustic dishes. One of the rustic dishes that holds a special place in the traditional Vietnamese feast is the pickled palanquin dish, also known as pickled melon. With a mildly sour and spicy taste, it is extremely delicious when served with Banh Chung or frozen meat. This is the most effective anti-boredom dish during Tet that you need to know. Even though life is always changing, one thing is certain: as long as Vietnam celebrates Tet, Banh Chung and the pickled palanquin will continue to accompany the nation's Tet days.

Fried Spring rolls

Fried spring rolls are a popular dish enjoyed by many during Tet. Nem is made from minced meat, wood ear mushrooms, vermicelli, green onions, and various spices. These rolls have a beautiful crispy, golden exterior and a sweet and savory taste with an alluring aroma.

Silk rolls

Silk rolls are often placed in the center of the New Year's feast, they have the meaning of being warm inside and outside, bringing happiness and prosperity to the house. This dish is made from pureed pork, wrapped in banana leaves and then boiled. These crispy, delicious spring rolls can be eaten with rice or bread. You can store the sausage in the refrigerator and serve it to guests at any time, especially during Tet.

Fruit Jams

The ancient tradition believed that consuming sweet jam during the New Year would bring joy and fulfillment. Hence, Tet jams are often offered to guests at home as a way of wishing them a happy new year. Gradually, the old Tet jam box has become an integral part of the nation's cultural heritage. Tet jam is not just a simple dish, but it carries meaning and good messages every spring.

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