Tips when traveling on Tet holiday & attractive tourist destinations for Tet 2024


The Lunar New Year is the most significant festival for Vietnamese people. It's a time for them to come together, reunite and welcome the new year. During this time, the weather is beautiful in most regions, with trees sprouting flowers and leaves blooming. The Lunar New Year is calculated according to the lunar calendar, usually around mid-January or February of the solar calendar. In 2024, it will begin on February 10 and end on February 12. However, Vietnamese people's Lunar New Year break lasts 7 to 10 days, providing an ideal opportunity for people to plan trips and experience the culture of various regions in the country.

Join Phongnha Discovery to learn tips when traveling on Tet holiday:

  •  Preview the weather forecast

Weather plays an important role in your trip. It can affect the activities you can participate in, the type of clothing you need to bring, and even your state of mind. Therefore, to have an experienced trip, you need to consider the weather at your destination in advance.

  • Plan early

Lunar New Year is a peak time for tourism, so you should plan early to book plane tickets, trains, hotels, and other services. Because people's demand for traveling during Lunar New Year is very high, you should book tickets early to avoid sold-out tickets or high ticket prices.

  • Please select a destination that is suitable for you.

Vietnam has many attractive tourist destinations during Lunar New Year. You should consider your family's preferences and needs to choose a suitable destination.

  •  Please ensure that you have your identification documents with you.

You need to bring complete identification documents, including a driver's license, citizen identification card, passport, and visa (if necessary),... to facilitate travel and sightseeing.

  •  Prepare your luggage carefully

You should prepare a full luggage, including clothes, shoes, personal belongings, etc. In addition, you should also bring the necessary medications to ensure your health for the trip.

  •  Please ensure that safety measures are taken into consideration

Lunar New Year is a crowded holiday, so it's important to be mindful of safety while traveling and sightseeing, particularly in areas with large crowds.

  •  To be productive and make the most of your time, it is important to create a reasonable schedule. Before your trip, research the unique and traditional activities that take place during Tet at your destination. This will allow you to participate in these activities and gain insight into the local culture.

Vietnam offers a plethora of attractive tourist destinations to explore during Lunar New Year. Here are some amazing travel destinations that you can consider:

Sa Pa - Lao Cai

Sa Pa is a town located in northwest Vietnam's highlands. During Lunar New Year, it becomes even more magical. Tourists can enjoy adventure activities, explore nature, and savor highland specialties.

Moc Chau - Son La

Moc Chau, a famous destination in the Northwest region, is an ideal place to visit during the Lunar New Year. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the misty tea hills in the early mornings and witness the stunning transformation of the region as it dons a splendid floral shirt in spring.

Ha Giang

Spring is known as the most beautiful season of the year in Ha Giang because of its pleasant and cool climate. During this season, the weather is mostly dry and sunny with a clear and fresh atmosphere. The warm and gentle sunlight covers the Northeast mountains, making it a perfect time for blooming flowers and tree sprouts.

Ninh Binh

Bai Dinh Pagoda is a popular spiritual destination for many people during Tet in Ninh Binh. This temple is known for its sacredness and picturesque scenery. Other attractions such as Hang Mua, Trang An, and Hoa Lu Ancient Town are also great places to visit during the early spring of the year.

Quang Binh

Quang Binh is renowned for its spectacular cave system, which is home to the largest cave in the world - Hang Son Doong. During the spring season, this place becomes even more vibrant and attracts tourists with a variety of activities to explore nature, as well as attractive spiritual tourist destinations at the beginning of the year, such as Than Dinh Mountain, Grave of General Vo Nguyen Giap, Eight Ladies Cave,...

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Hue weather in the first days of the year: The climate is chilly, and the temperature is suitable for sightseeing. Activities and experiences in the ancient capital of Hue during Tet: Spring travel, Buddha Ceremonies at Temples; Participate in many major festivals such as Sinh Village festival, and Huyen Tran Temple festival,...; Enjoy Hue royal cuisine on Tet,...

Hoi An

Hoi An is an ancient town that features small streets, old houses, and colorful lanterns. During the Lunar New Year, Hoi An becomes even more sparkling and brilliant. You can take part in traditional festivals, savor specialty dishes, and shop for traditional handicraft products.

Con Dao

The beautiful wilderness of Con Dao draws many tourists. It is an ideal location for a peaceful and refreshing retreat during the Tet holiday.

Sa Dec - Dong Thap

This is a popular check-in point for everyone during Tet holiday. Thousands of flowers are carefully cultivated to bloom on Tet, making Sa Dec flower village vibrant on the first day of spring.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is a stunning island that boasts white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters, and a variety of exciting entertainment options. During the Lunar New Year celebrations, the island becomes even livelier and more vibrant. Visitors can participate in fun activities and indulge in delicious seafood dishes while exploring the resort paradises. Additionally, they can also take part in recreational activities by the beach.

Da Lat

During the Lunar New Year, the weather in Da Lat is quite cold, this is also the special highlight that makes "Little Paris" attract tourists here for sightseeing and entertainment. The flower villages in Da Lat are also blooming, showing off their colors and bustling with guests, creating an extremely joyful atmosphere. In addition, tourism services such as restaurants, homestays, or tourist attractions also work hard to serve the needs of tourists.

With the information provided above, you can plan a memorable Lunar New Year trip to Vietnam.

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